101st US Colored Infantry

The 101st US Colored Infantry was part of the Veteran Reserve corp or Invalid Corps.  Men served in the 101st who were not healthy enough to serve in regular regiments, but no so unwell that they needed to be discharged. Typical reasons for such a transfer were old age, rheumatism, hernias, heart disease and hemorrhoids. The Invalid Corps of the Civil War period was created to make suitable use in a military or semi-military capacity of soldiers who had been rendered unfit for active field service on account of wounds or disease contracted in line of duty, but who were still fit for garrison or other light duty, and were, in the opinion of their commanding officers, meritorious and deserving.[3]


Organized in Tennessee at large September 16, 1864. Attached to Defences of Louisville & Nashville Railroad, Dept. of the Cumberland, to March, 1865. Dept. of the Tennessee to January, 1866.


Duty at Nashville, Tenn., till October, 1864; then guard Louisville & Nashville Railroad, and duty in Tennessee and Alabama till muster out. Affairs at Scottsboro and Larkinsville, Ala., January 8, 1865. Mustered out January 21, 1866.

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