Infantry Regiments

To date, 307 men with ties to Williamson County, Tennessee have been identified as having enlisted in the US Colored Troops during the Civil War. A large majority of them - 260 or 84% - served in Infantry regiments.

Fifteen USCT Infantry Regiments were organized in Tennessee.  These regiments provided the third-largest number of Black men to the  US Colored Troops of any state - second only to Louisiana and Kentucky. To date, men from Williamson County have been identified who served in all but one of these Tennessee regiments (the 69th and 88th (New) US Colored Infantries).

The majority of Williamson County's USCT Infantry Soldiers served in the 12th and 13th US Colored Infantries - regiments that organized, mustered, and served in the Middle Tennessee region throughout the War. Of the 260 local men who served in Infantry regiments, 54 served in the 12th US Colored Infantry, 64 served in the 13th US Colored Infantry, 13 served in the 14th US Colored Infantry, 22 served in the 15th US Colored Infantry and 39 served in the 17th US Colored Infantry. 

[District of Columbia. Company E, 4th U.S. Colored Infantry, at Fort Lincoln]

Library of Congress.

6th US Colored Infantry